Weekend Recap

Another Great Weekend spent with hubby and my church family. I am so blessed to be a member of New Life Christian Fellowship  in Goose Creek,SC. This weekend our pastor Dr. Dexter Easley invited Dr. Robb Thompson and Linda Thompson to come and speak on relationships. It was such an awesome experience. I gained so much wisdom and insight towards bettering myself as a wife. 

From left to right

1) Dr. Robb & Linda Thompson Friday night @ “The Relationship Weekend”

2) Hubby and I got to snap a picture with Dr Robb Thompson Saturday after our final session

3) Selfie on my way to the conference Friday night 

4) Mrs. Linda Thompson speaking at our split women’s session. 

5) Me with my love

6) #selfiesunday

7) My gorgeous sister snapping a #sundayselfie I miss her. She lives in Boston whoop whoop

8) Love this quote “Broken Crayons Still Color” yes they do! I should know I am a teacher and we rarely through out broken crayons. No worries if your hearts been broken God can heal and use you right where you are!

9) Goregous tye died roses! So pretty

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