My Secret Store

Cato Fashions is one of my secret places to shop. Everything about Catos is cozy and budget friendly. Most of their stores sit quietly and cozy of to the corner. The best part is that each time I enter it’s as if the they opened just for me. On my recent visit while walking through their jewelry asile I stumbled across this beauty……

The colors and vibrant pattern screamed my name. Bright colors and bold gems are right up my alley. Just in time to wear at an all black event. I wore my hair pined up and sime studs so she can shine bright. Saving the best for last lets talk about price. I purchased this beautiful necklace for just $7.99 I never pay more than $10.00 when shopping for jewelry in their store. If you ever see a Cato don’t just pass it by. 

How to Style Parisian Chic

As of late my style is changing. I have been more attracted to the “Parisian Chic” look. This look seems more sophisticated, mature, and classic. Where I am headed this will suit me well. Now that I have narrowed down the look it’s time to get the essential pieces. Thank goodness for Pinterest and it’s easy access to everyday task. So I have created a board called workflow especially for me new style. I decided to follow a 6 step pictorial to achieve this French Parisian Chic Look. 

As I gather my pieces for this new look I will share them here in my post. Feel free to share pictures of your current style. 

$1.00 Finds

I scored yesterday at my local Walgreens. I went browsing the aisle just because I had time to spare and I lucked out. My eyes caught their $1.00 deals section and it was good. Not stuff that looked rummaged through or open or even broken. This section was filled with precious gems. So I purchased 2 lip tints, 1 lip lacquer, 1 lip balm, and a multi purpose glass wiper. All for a whooping $4 💥💥💥


The lip tints are so pigmented and the color payoff is Ahmazing. The lip lacquer and lip balm are ok. My favorite from the bunch is the nude lip tint. Which one do you like? 

Weekend RoundUp 

  Needless to say I had a Great Weekend! Today I am super tired but it was worth it all Pictures from left to right

  1. At the McDonalds Choir Showcase sporting my freshly relaxed hair. Yes! #shedidthat
  2. With friends at the Music Ministry Summit which was awesome. All the panelist did an outstanding job.
  3. Out with my love on Mothers Day
  4. My lil munchkin pie who I get to call God Daughter  she is such a gem and I love her to pieces
  5. Happy Mothers Day 😊
  6. My look for the McDonalds Choir Showcase. Our choir rocked the house and we won a Hammond Organ 🎊🎊
  7. Backstage with my choir mate and friend.
  8. Backstage with Jonathan McReynolds
  9. Honored to have met this phenomninal Woman of God Tia Brewer-Foitman her and her husband brought this whole event together. Without them the showcase would not be here today. Thank you for all you do!

So that’s a few snap shots from my weekend. How did you spend yours? P.S. I will be posting footage from the choir showcase so stay tuned. I vlogged for my loves!