Peruvian Cuisine

New York is full of diversity and an array of diverse restaurants. While living in NY trying new places to eat was one of my favorite things to do. As most may or may not know I am a very picky eater. So when it comes to trying new places nine times out of ten it will be a Hispanic restaurant. This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Golden Chicken Peruvian Restaurant out in Long Island. The food was delicious and the price was right.


Avocado Salad
Avocado Salad

 Fried Calamari

Fried Calamari

Side orders….

Sweet Plantains

Green Plantains

Fried Cassava



Sautéed Shrimp

My parents both ordered

The seafood fried rice

As you can see we had quiet a meal. Although we had an abundance of food we couldn’t resist trying their dessert.

The flan

Along with everything else we had this was awesome. If your ever in the Bayshore Long Island area you must try this restaurant. You won’t be disappointed.  You can find them at 164 E Main St, Bay Shore, NY 11706.

Zucchini Fritters 

Yummy, quick, and easy. 


Zucchini Recipe

1 zucchini 

1/3 Diced onion

1 egg

1/3rd Cup Scallion

1/3rd Cup Green pepper 

1/2 Cup Flour

1/2 Teaspoon of pepper

1/2 Teaspoon of salt

Shred the zucchini and squeeze excess liquid from shredded zuchhini. Dice onions, green peppers,  and scallions. After which you will combine the seasonings, egg, pre diced onions, scallions, and green peppers along with the flour and zucchini. Once all ingredients are combined mix to the consistency you desire. While mixing preheat the oil in a skillet or frying pan. 

Here is where the fun begins, grab a tablespoon and scoop out a golf sized amount  of the zucchini mixture  to place in the oil. Before flipping the edges of the fritters should be a nice golden brown color. Then its ready for flipping, you should watch for the same golden brown color again and it’s ready. Place them on a paper towel to strain out the excess oil. 

Special thanks to my cousin who made this for me while visiting with her and her family. It was tasty and delightful. #Augustkitchen

I Made It

Here is my version of the “Okra Cornmeal Cakes”. This dish was inspired by a pin I saw on pinterest. It was super easy and came out great. I need to find or make a special sauce to go with them. Other than that if you are and okra lover like me. This is one dish you must try.



Would you try this dish?
If so here is a link to the recipe and enjoy

Nom Nom

I love okra! When I say love I mean loveeeeee. I can eat it fried, sautéed, stewed, baked, steamed, any which way. You serve it I will eat it lol. So I have tried all the ways I have listed thus far. One way I have not tried is the Okra Cornmeal Cakes. I came across this meal on Pinterest and I can’t wait to make it. It seems simple and easy as pie.


Are you an okra lover?

Taste Of Culture

Down at my school was so awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed myself our day was full of fun food amd laughter. It’s nothing like working with people you actually like. We used this day to celebrate Black History Month and end it with bang. I was asked to do some headwraps on my fellow co-workers. Watch, enjoy, and subscribe!

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