Weekend Roundup 

My birthday weekend has officially passed. I had a beautiful weekend filled with love and laughter. Friday night I spent some much needed qt time with my love in Greer,SC. It was nice to get away for a quick over nighter. Saturday we taught marriage class down at our church then headed to the movies that night to see War Room. A must see! This movie was awesome. I ended the night celebrating with my girls and my birthday buddy. Every year we celebrate our birthdays together in some way. We are a day apart August 27th and 29th. Sunday I spent some quiet time at home cleaning and relaxing. How did you spend your weekend?  



Is my birthday yay. Last week as I began to realize wow my birthday is really around the corner I became sadden. For a moment my mind thought on all the things I have yet to accomplish and yet to do. Not wanting to entertain those thoughts I brushed them aside and kept on with my day. On Saturday August 22 I went to the woman’s fellowship at my home church. Wow, it was just what I needed to hear and what I needed to push me from falling into the why me and woe is me talk. Hearing testimony after testimony about Gods grace, mercy, and healing hands encouraged me so much and woke me up spiritually. It awakened  me to the reality that God has and always will keep me and guide me through life. The blessings that God has granted me within this year alone are countless. I am not talking physical or monetary blessings I am talking relational, spiritual, and intimate blessings. Blessings that in my weakest moments God truly kept me sane and held true to His promises that He would never leave me nor forsake me. How dare I allow thoughts of comparison and frustration to steal the joy of another year headed my way. So tomorrow I will be happy, I will give God thanks and praise for keeping me yet another year. A year that will not be like the last as I grow closer and closer to Christ! So Happy Birthday to Me ☺️😄

Time to enjoy my early birthday cake made especially for me. Shoutout to Chef Jerry for the cake. If you are in the Charleston area and you need a Chef or baker Jerry is your guy. Drop your email below and I will get you connected.

Oreo Cheescake  


“Opportunities  just don’t come, they sit silently by waiting to be recognized” – Dr. Dexter Easley 

This quote rings loud in my ears when I grab hold of the opportunities around me. It just amazes me how many opportunities go unnoticed on an everyday basis. It’s up to us to grab hold of them. 

I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with various companies and bloggers. On August 18th I will be featured on Mor Ladies blog. This bog is dedicated to the boss lady in you. If you need encouragement, motivation, and empowerment then head over to the Boss Lady Blog. I am excited to see what’s to come for this great up and coming blog. Feel free to connect with us Boss Ladies on Facebook as well. 

The Boss lady in you deserve a dope network group. Don’t forget to head over to the Mor Ladies blog on August 18 where my post will be live! Thanks in advance for the love and support. I have a few more opportunities headed my way that I will be sharing with you soon. 

Cease your opportunities!


5 Back to School Tips


I can’t believe that school starts back next month. Where did the time go? ready or not we must be prepared. Teachers and parents alike. Here are my top 5 ways to gear up for back to school. 


1. Start going to bed at a decent hour. Break those bad summer habits of staying up all night. Soon you will find yourself staying up all night and tired in the morning. Go ahead and drag yourself to bed by 9pm the latest we need 8hrs also. 

2. Gather your back to school classroom must haves. Now is the time to search the stores for the best deals. Get your crayons, markers, rulers, and treats while the deals are hot. 

3. Think about what types of meals you want to prepare for yourself. Are you going to stick to that summer diet or throw that under the bus. One thing for sure is that you must eat. So write a list and start browsing your grocery stores for your favorite snacks on the go. 

4. Dress to impress. All those extra summer hours you out in at summer school must pay off. Treat yourself to a closest redo. Throw out everything you thought you would wear last year and go shopping for some new and improved looks. No need to wear that tired old short when their are tons of new ones with your name on it. Go celebrate back to school deals just for you. 

5. Relax, breathe and know everything will work out in your favor. Things may not have gone as planned last year but this is your year for success. Write yourself some positive notes from now so when the going gets tough you can read your notes and uplift your spirits. 


1. Enjoy the moments. Soon your kids will be gone for 8 hours a day and back home just in time for homework, dinner, and bed. Take the time to capture these fun summer days with your loves. 

2. Start preparing yourself and your children. One way is to get the school conversations started. Talk to them about what they like last year and what goals they want to accomplish this year. Put the positive buzz in their ear that school is cool. 

3. Set a schedule. Grab your kids and make a day of creating a Back to School schedule. Let the color and come up with their own unique schedule to get them on track once school starts back. Maybe they can come home watch a movie then do homework or read for 30 mins then use their tablet. Let them choose and you supervise and revise as needed. 

4. Go shopping. Nothing makes the thought of returning to school more exciting than new clothes. Pick a day to do all your shopping from clothes to accessories and classroom needs. Have fun, set a budget, and enjoy. 

5. Get in the routine. Let your children know that now is the time everyone will start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. This will make going back to school much easier on everyone. Grab their favorite books and read with them for about thirty minutes a day then followmupmwithnquestions. Small changes make big impacts for the near future. 

I hope these tips helps you whether your a parent or a teacher. Share this post with your friends and families because sooner rather than later school will be back in session. 

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacations are made of fun in the sun with the ones you love. I am so glad I was able to take an impromptu trip to NY to visit my family and friends. Sometimes impromptu trips make for priceless moments. Check out the fun I had in my videos below!