Is my birthday yay. Last week as I began to realize wow my birthday is really around the corner I became sadden. For a moment my mind thought on all the things I have yet to accomplish and yet to do. Not wanting to entertain those thoughts I brushed them aside and kept on with my day. On Saturday August 22 I went to the woman’s fellowship at my home church. Wow, it was just what I needed to hear and what I needed to push me from falling into the why me and woe is me talk. Hearing testimony after testimony about Gods grace, mercy, and healing hands encouraged me so much and woke me up spiritually. It awakened  me to the reality that God has and always will keep me and guide me through life. The blessings that God has granted me within this year alone are countless. I am not talking physical or monetary blessings I am talking relational, spiritual, and intimate blessings. Blessings that in my weakest moments God truly kept me sane and held true to His promises that He would never leave me nor forsake me. How dare I allow thoughts of comparison and frustration to steal the joy of another year headed my way. So tomorrow I will be happy, I will give God thanks and praise for keeping me yet another year. A year that will not be like the last as I grow closer and closer to Christ! So Happy Birthday to Me ☺️😄

Time to enjoy my early birthday cake made especially for me. Shoutout to Chef Jerry for the cake. If you are in the Charleston area and you need a Chef or baker Jerry is your guy. Drop your email below and I will get you connected.

Oreo Cheescake  

Ipsy Glam Bag

After jumping on the beauty box band wagon with my #Walmartbeautybox I decided to subscribe for another. This one is the ever so popular Ipsy Glam Bag. Ipsy personalizes your bag each month just for you. After your initial signup with Ipsy they ask you a few beauty quiz questions to get to know you and your style. Once you have answered all questions accurately you perfect glam bag is created. No glam bag is identical because just like you its one of a kind. How fabulous is that a monthly personalizes box for $10.00 bucks. Now that’s a deal! Check out my first glam bag just in time for my birthday month

I loved this packing super bright and cute  

The makeup bag is adorable and easy to just grab and go

Each bag comes with a pamphlet  
This bag consisted of Hikari lipgloss, Starlooks black eyeliner pen, Lather ultra mild face wash, and a Briogeo volumizing hair spray.

My favorite item from this months bag is the Hikari lipgloss in the color merlot.

For my first Ipsy Bag I was not one hundred percent satisfied. You may have noticed 5 items in the picture however I only mentioned four. That is because after capturing the picture I noticed a strong smell coming from the nail polish box. To my surprise upon opening it the bottle had exploded in the box. So it was of no use and the color was a very pretty purple. These things can happen when going through the mailing process. Other than that I only really found the lip gloss and eyeliner pen rather useful. Let’s see what next months bag has in store. With name brands like NYX, Too Faced, Bare Minerals and more I am sure Septembers glam bag will be just right for me!

Don’t wait until next month join in on the Ipsy glam bag fun right now !

My Secret Store

Cato Fashions is one of my secret places to shop. Everything about Catos is cozy and budget friendly. Most of their stores sit quietly and cozy of to the corner. The best part is that each time I enter it’s as if the they opened just for me. On my recent visit while walking through their jewelry asile I stumbled across this beauty……

The colors and vibrant pattern screamed my name. Bright colors and bold gems are right up my alley. Just in time to wear at an all black event. I wore my hair pined up and sime studs so she can shine bright. Saving the best for last lets talk about price. I purchased this beautiful necklace for just $7.99 I never pay more than $10.00 when shopping for jewelry in their store. If you ever see a Cato don’t just pass it by. 


“Opportunities  just don’t come, they sit silently by waiting to be recognized” – Dr. Dexter Easley 

This quote rings loud in my ears when I grab hold of the opportunities around me. It just amazes me how many opportunities go unnoticed on an everyday basis. It’s up to us to grab hold of them. 

I am ever so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with various companies and bloggers. On August 18th I will be featured on Mor Ladies blog. This bog is dedicated to the boss lady in you. If you need encouragement, motivation, and empowerment then head over to the Boss Lady Blog. I am excited to see what’s to come for this great up and coming blog. Feel free to connect with us Boss Ladies on Facebook as well. 

The Boss lady in you deserve a dope network group. Don’t forget to head over to the Mor Ladies blog on August 18 where my post will be live! Thanks in advance for the love and support. I have a few more opportunities headed my way that I will be sharing with you soon. 

Cease your opportunities!


Simple Storage

One thing that homes often lack is storage. Once your closet is full and your clothes are hung that’s it. Seeing beyond the hangers, bins, and shoes on the floor is hard to do. For that I have a simple storage solution. Use your wall space! Walls are a great place to maximize your storage options. Using the walls can even create a unique edge to an everyday closet. 

What You Will Need




That’s it didn’t I say simple! Choose the wall you would like to use for your space and get to hammering. Gentle of course we don’t want any bruised fingers in the process. 

Now that you have your nail in along with the hook, go ahead and hang your hat and or necklace. Wha la that’s it your all done. Feel free to add hooks as needed or when the opportunity arises. 

Here is how I Maximized my Storage 


Doing It Yourself

Get in and get dirty. That’s what I like to do when it comes to home projects. My list of home projects just went from zero to one hundred. How crazy is that, well my husband and I just moved. So I now have a clean slate to work with and tons of Pinterest ideas that can now become reality. My first DIY project was organizing my linen closet.  For which I had a vision of using dollar tree storage bins. So here is how it all went down.

What You Will Need

  1. A closet
  2. Open space
  3. Tarp or project blanket
  4. Dollar tree plastic bins
  5. Metallic Primer in 1 Spray Paint
  6. Gloves

My Closet

I purchased 9 bins

Spray Paint I used


The Process

First I laid my brand new bins out on my blanket and took off all tags. I did my project in the screened porch area which worked perfectly. I had no bugs harassing me and I was able to be out in the fresh air. After taking off the tags I proceeded to spray the first coat of primer as suggested by the lowes associate (I wasn’t going to buy primer). I let that dry for about 10minutes then repeated that process. Here is where the fun begins I was able to spray my first coat of paint. Their is nothing like the anticipation that comes when doing projects. Just waiting to see how it will come out. After the first coat it didn’t look like much as you can see below……

So I flipped them over and went to town on the next side giving each one a good couples of coats in one spray.  Below you will see they were starting to grasp the spray and have a little metallic shine to them. However it wasn’t fully coated…..

Not only were they not fully coated but I was running out of spray, Yikes.


 I left them to dry and headed to my nearest Walmart where I purchased this brand……

This brand is the best one to use. After one coat I was jumping for joy at what my eyes beheld. This what you see below is after two coats……

Which was good enough for me.  On to organizing and setting up my closet. Most of the bins I purchased had pre-assigned jobs. 4 for hair products like shampoos, conditioners, and moisturizers. 3 for hair tools like blow dryer, flat irons, and combs.  The remaining two were to hold random items. 
Here is my final organized closest with my DIY metallic bins…..


The top shelves are for face towels, wash cloths, and towels. The bottom shelves with my new bins are for hair products! 😉