5 Back to School Tips


I can’t believe that school starts back next month. Where did the time go? ready or not we must be prepared. Teachers and parents alike. Here are my top 5 ways to gear up for back to school. 


1. Start going to bed at a decent hour. Break those bad summer habits of staying up all night. Soon you will find yourself staying up all night and tired in the morning. Go ahead and drag yourself to bed by 9pm the latest we need 8hrs also. 

2. Gather your back to school classroom must haves. Now is the time to search the stores for the best deals. Get your crayons, markers, rulers, and treats while the deals are hot. 

3. Think about what types of meals you want to prepare for yourself. Are you going to stick to that summer diet or throw that under the bus. One thing for sure is that you must eat. So write a list and start browsing your grocery stores for your favorite snacks on the go. 

4. Dress to impress. All those extra summer hours you out in at summer school must pay off. Treat yourself to a closest redo. Throw out everything you thought you would wear last year and go shopping for some new and improved looks. No need to wear that tired old short when their are tons of new ones with your name on it. Go celebrate back to school deals just for you. 

5. Relax, breathe and know everything will work out in your favor. Things may not have gone as planned last year but this is your year for success. Write yourself some positive notes from now so when the going gets tough you can read your notes and uplift your spirits. 


1. Enjoy the moments. Soon your kids will be gone for 8 hours a day and back home just in time for homework, dinner, and bed. Take the time to capture these fun summer days with your loves. 

2. Start preparing yourself and your children. One way is to get the school conversations started. Talk to them about what they like last year and what goals they want to accomplish this year. Put the positive buzz in their ear that school is cool. 

3. Set a schedule. Grab your kids and make a day of creating a Back to School schedule. Let the color and come up with their own unique schedule to get them on track once school starts back. Maybe they can come home watch a movie then do homework or read for 30 mins then use their tablet. Let them choose and you supervise and revise as needed. 

4. Go shopping. Nothing makes the thought of returning to school more exciting than new clothes. Pick a day to do all your shopping from clothes to accessories and classroom needs. Have fun, set a budget, and enjoy. 

5. Get in the routine. Let your children know that now is the time everyone will start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. This will make going back to school much easier on everyone. Grab their favorite books and read with them for about thirty minutes a day then followmupmwithnquestions. Small changes make big impacts for the near future. 

I hope these tips helps you whether your a parent or a teacher. Share this post with your friends and families because sooner rather than later school will be back in session. 

How to Style Parisian Chic

As of late my style is changing. I have been more attracted to the “Parisian Chic” look. This look seems more sophisticated, mature, and classic. Where I am headed this will suit me well. Now that I have narrowed down the look it’s time to get the essential pieces. Thank goodness for Pinterest and it’s easy access to everyday task. So I have created a board called workflow especially for me new style. I decided to follow a 6 step pictorial to achieve this French Parisian Chic Look. 

As I gather my pieces for this new look I will share them here in my post. Feel free to share pictures of your current style. 

Weekend RoundUp 

  Needless to say I had a Great Weekend! Today I am super tired but it was worth it all Pictures from left to right

  1. At the McDonalds Choir Showcase sporting my freshly relaxed hair. Yes! #shedidthat
  2. With friends at the Music Ministry Summit which was awesome. All the panelist did an outstanding job.
  3. Out with my love on Mothers Day
  4. My lil munchkin pie who I get to call God Daughter  she is such a gem and I love her to pieces
  5. Happy Mothers Day 😊
  6. My look for the McDonalds Choir Showcase. Our choir rocked the house and we won a Hammond Organ 🎊🎊
  7. Backstage with my choir mate and friend.
  8. Backstage with Jonathan McReynolds
  9. Honored to have met this phenomninal Woman of God Tia Brewer-Foitman her and her husband brought this whole event together. Without them the showcase would not be here today. Thank you for all you do!

So that’s a few snap shots from my weekend. How did you spend yours? P.S. I will be posting footage from the choir showcase so stay tuned. I vlogged for my loves!

He Knows

He knows my name, He knows my every thought and He hears me when I call. 

Growing up in a family of three with parents who walked out their faith before us daily and encouraged us to trust God was a blessing. Our family was different than the rest. As each family structure is unique in its own way. 

Being the youngest of three aka the “baby” I have always been surrounded by love. A  family grounded in love. 

I am a firm believer that our relationships with our earthly fathers are to be an example of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. 

My father has been that prime example in my life of that. My dad has been a leader, a disciplinarian, loved me, showed us how a man should love his wife, and his children. 

It was June and my mother was graduating from her bachelors program. We went out to eat and afterwards went downtown Brooklyn on Montique Street to walk around and enjoy the day. Of course as ladies we can’t resist the stores, so we all went into the shoe store and browsed around. I tried on a few shoes and one shoe stood out and I said oh my gosh I have got to have the shoes. Of course I didn’t  have the money but I wanted them anyway. I had to leave them behind and only wish I purchased them. . The men were doing their own thing and we were in total separate areas. I was with my mom and my sister and other family members. After a long day we went headed to our cars to go home. Upon entering the car their was a box sitting on the back seat. Nobody knew who they were for my dad said open them and as I did I screamed. The very shoe I tried on was  right before my eyes and they were mine.

This continues to be a reminder to me that God knows what we desire and what we want. We may not have the money, the talent, or tools to get them. However it’s my up to us it’s up to God to make a way for them to become possible. I didn’t have money for the shoes and I never even asked my dad but yet he saw fit to get them for me. As does our Heavenly Father He knows what you need and will provide when you least except it. 

Till this day I still have those shoes and I love them. 

Know that God hears and sees what you need. He will provide in due time.