Well Well { A Journey to Motherhood File 2}

Today was the most relaxing day I had in a while. Although I did not sleep in due to me being a morning person. I did enjoy waking up spending time in worship cooking, cleaning, and just enjoying me time. The best part of my day fast forwards to my 4pm massage appointment. (It was so good once it was over I went straight to bed at around 6pm and I am now waking up lol. The time now is 12:40am and I am never up this late) This was the first time I had an at home massage and boy oh boy was it a blessing. This massage was different and I learned a lot about my body. The type of massage I received today was called a Fertiltiy Massage. I know it sounds weird, and makes you think what type of massage is that? It’s a full body massage that uses techniques to help support and stimulate the reproductive system. If you have been following my blog you will know that I have been diagnosed with Low AMH you can read more about it here http://mrzhindz09.com/2014/08/07/amh-journey-to-motherhood-file-1/. I recently went to a baby shower where I meet my now masseuse. Being that we were at a baby shower of course the conversation of children was everywhere no running from that one. We spoke and she shared her story with me and gave me her card. After speaking with my husband we prayed and decided it couldn’t hurt. So glad I took her card because she was amazing. Nothing like having a masseuse who you like and connect with. The added bonuses she does prenatal massages, is a doula, and an infant masseuse as well. What a blessing! So my massage started out with applying a hot castor oil pack to my abdomen which stayed their for about 30 minutes (This supports ovarian health, fallopian tube health, uterine health, a detoxifying before conception, and it supports egg health). During that time I received a head, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and foot massage. Once that was done she removed the pack from my abdomen and began massaging that area. Their was a specific technique I could feel she used I honestly cannot recall it’s name. It was very relaxing and she also taught my husband how he can massage my abdomen area as well. He did good and was a great sport! After which I turnt over and received a back massage and that was the end. The one part that struck me the most was when she massaged my feet. As she was massaging them I could honestly feel slight tingles in my abdomen area. She told us that the feet have direct connection to various parts of our body. The areas on my feet that she massaged were direct point of contacts with my fallopian tubes and ovaries which will help stimulate egg reproduction. To top it all off I received my own castor oil pack kit to apply to my abdomen area at least three times a week for 30 minutes. Our next appointment she will focus on my husband where he will be receiving his very own massage. It’s important that both husband and wife get the massage treatment so each partner can receive the clean out and have a clean slate. I am so blessed to have meet this young lady and I pray that God continues to bless her gift and open doors for her like never before. The best part of being blessed is sharing it. So if you live in the Charleston area and are looking for a masseuse then she is your girl! Very professional and overall sweet young lady check her out at http://www.asoulfultouch.net. Tell her that I sent you and be blessed.



A Few

Pics from the Family Affair Day in the park with my church New Life Christian Fellowship Goose Creek, SC. We had a blast I mean it felt more like a huge family reunion. Check the pics while I work on editing footage from this awesome event.